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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

How to build Backlinks to your website?

How to build Backlinks to your website?

Behind the links hides the concept of Google Juice. However, so far we have only to transport the juice in our own pages. We will see that when we speak of the other sites, the Google Juice takes on another dimension. This will also be an opportunity for us to talk about PageRank.

Setting a backlink

An inbound link

A backlink is nothing more than an inbound link to your site on the web. This link needs to be done "hard" with the HTML link tag <a>. The address of the website referred must be entered in the href attribute and starts of course with http: //. Already using hyperlinks to circulate the Google Juice on your own website. A backlink is therefore nothing but a hyperlink that Site A is to a site B.

For a link is actually considered a backlink, it should in no case be defined rel = "nofollow". Indeed, backlinks are used to convey the Google Juice and awareness between the different sites. So there is no point in creating backlinks "clogged". ^^
What are backlinks?

Good and bad backlink?

The backlinks serve several things, and they are extremely important in your SEO strategy. Here is what a backlink you earn:

Google Juice extra from another site
reputation and notoriety.
Indeed, as we have seen in the previous chapter, websites have an "image product" to Google. When a site has a backlink from another site, it also enjoys its reputation.

So we can differentiate two types of backlinks. On one hand, there are backlinks earn you a lot of Google Juice, reputation and popularity. These are backlinks that come from sites that have themselves an excellent SEO. On the other hand, there are few backlinks that refer you to Google Juice, little known and little popularity: they are backlinks that come from sites that do not necessarily have a very good SEO or, in any case, which have less good SEO as yours. I assure you, both types are rather positive: so do not spit on the drop of Google Juice you can benefit, even if the juice is from small websites.

Note that even though this is not mandatory, it is always best to get better referenced sites backlinks than his. If these sites are increasingly enrolled in the same theme, it's perfect!
Backlinks to avoid

However, some backlinks should be avoided. Quite simply, there are links from sites that are blacklisted by Google because they do not meet the guideline, or who enjoy a catastrophic reputation on the web. Generally we try to stand far away from these websites.

Your goal, web marketing?

Your objective is to collect as Google Juice, popularity and notoriety as possible ... by getting more backlinks (quality) possible! For this you'll need to put in place strategies to encourage other webmasters to create links from their site to yours. It's not very complicated, but we will have to get started! It is here that generally, the boundary between SEO and web marketing is least felt. It is impossible to separate these two concepts when it comes to creating backlinks campaign (or netlinking).

the netlinking

Encourage others to create links

When a website is built correctly and running, all the work of a responsible SEO is to conduct campaigns netlinking. Wondering what it is? This is simply to encourage other webmasters to link to your site. There are many different ways to do this, and I'll explain a little about how it all works. You will see that there are a lot of vocabulary, you are also not required to retain it by heart.

The link ninja

The link ninja is undoubtedly the most direct and concrete way to ensure that other sites create links to your own pages. Why is that? Just because it is you yourselves who will create your link on other sites. For this you have several options. Take the example of a blog that offers its readers to comment on articles. Nothing too surprising, but let's see the contact form that such a blog can offer you.

It is quite possible that some of these forms ask you the address of your website. It is absolutely not hesitate to inform the URL of your website when you see such comments, as long as the blog is part of the same theme as your website. This can only earn you points in terms of SEO, especially if the site in question is recognized as a quality website by Google.

Wordpress blogs consistently offer form asks you to enter your website. You must be aware that, by default, this field is notified rel = "nofollow". So will not flood all Wordpress blogs you know in order to boost your SEO because it will not be used much. However, some Wordpress blogs administrators activate the "Website" field "dofollow". To you to find a list of Wordpress blogs ... and comment moderately.
Another tip I can give you is to use the YouTube video uploads. Indeed, the video-sharing site is the third most visited site in the world and rightly belongs to Google. He offers to share the videos that are on your computer or on your smartphone ... In addition to this, YouTube allows you to give a description of the contents of your video. In this description, you can create links that will be followed by Googlebot when the visit YouTube. So you have the opportunity to create links from a site that has a strong reputation. These links will earn you a lot of Google Juice.

The link baiting
The link baiting is another way to build links to your site across the web. The link baiting is actually based on your content. The key is to get by delivering high quality content that will generate interest among Internet users. Your content should thus have a real added value that incites link to it. Consider the Zero site that has managed to explain to beginners, so very suitable, a subject as complex as programming. You may well advise the Zero Site by a backlink to someone who wants to learn programming.

"Link baiting" means "fishing ties." So you have to actually produce relevant content to encourage webmasters to link to you. To this you can add small options at end of article to share your content. A good idea is to create the opportunity to relay the web page on forums by providing a quick copyable link at the bottom of the article. It's up to you to build the rest!

Measure the confidence index a site

Since the beginning of this part, I have introduced new ideas to own websites: popularity, trust, reputation ... When we talk about SEO purely "in-page", there was no talk of these ideas. With the introduction of backlinks, it is no longer possible to ignore these new concepts.

For Google, a site is not just a set of HTML pages linked together; it is also an ecosystem which has a more or less good image. But this has a real impact on how Google indexes the content. To evaluate the image, reputation and the reputation of a website, Google has developed, in its infancy; it has an index called "PageRank". This index takes the form of a score from 0 to 10. The higher the score, the higher your site has a good reputation on the web.

The PageRank evolves slowly. When you launch your site, its PageRank is directly set to 0 when the Google index. Over time, and depending on the quality of backlinks you receive, your PageRank tends to rise. But believe me, it does not happen overnight.

Get the PageRank of the site is very simple, and you have several tools that allow you to access very easily and very quickly. At the beginning of the course, I advised you several extensions for Firefox and Chrome browsers. Many of these extensions allow to obtain the open website PageRank currently in the browser. This is the case of "WebRank Toolbar" in Firefox, and the extension "PageRank status". Feel free to analyze certain websites that you know to get their PageRank. Web applications also offer you to enter an address to return you the target site PageRank.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

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3 Ways To Guarantee SEO Success

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Slow & Steady Wins The Race

Google is looking for sites that gradually rise in popularity as that is considered the “natural” course of action for a website to take.

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3 Common SEO Mistakes

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The internet marketing land is filled with marketers who want to rocket their sites up the search engines and indulge in as much hungry free buyer traffic as they possibly can BUT their is typically an obstacle or two in their way and should a marketer make a grave mistake the end result will be fatal to their chances of success.

Now, SEO is typically described as a “minefield” but the reality is it’s actually quite simple if you follow the fundamental rules and don’t do anything that’s blatantly going to get you into trouble.

What are those things that will get you into deep water with Google you ask? 

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Backlink Blasting

Anyone that’s researched SEO for all of five minutes will know that backlinks are a crucial part of getting your site to the top of the first page but that doesn’t mean you should go out guns blazing and blast your site with links.

Less is more, quality is better than quantity and nothing will bring your site falling down the search engines faster than notifying Google you’re trying to game their algorithm by building links quickly.

Focus on getting high quality links to your site and diversify anchor text as much as you possibly can and you’ll be doing better than most SEO wannabes.

On-Page Factors

To successfully own a site that Google loves you need to win two battles. The first battle is everything that happens off-page and the second battle is everything that happens on-page and whilst on-page SEO doesn’t contribute as significantly to where you ultimately end up, it still needs to be given some attention.

Like with backlinks, less is often more so even though it’s really important to sprinkle your desired keywords on your web pages now and again it’s best not to overdo it and let Google think you’re nothing more than a spammer.

Content that flows and reads naturally is what it’s all about.

Looking For Shortcuts

SEO is by no means the strategy for anyone that wants to make money really fast as it’s more a strategy that provides significant long term profits and that’s why looking for shortcuts is never a good idea.

How long does it take to rank a site?

How long is a piece of string?

It takes as long as it takes and fear not - as long as you’re willing to sit in for the long haul your patience will be handsomely rewarded.

All of this is covered in Ranking Miracle - a course that’s dedicated to providing future SEO professionals a blueprint that’s easy and actually works!

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